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Monday, second week of Lent

March 13, 2017


Blessed Monday!

We’re a little more than one-quarter of the way through this Lenten springtime of the soul.
How’s it going?

Daniel 9:4-10 (Daniel confesses his people’s sin and begs forgiveness)
Psalm 79:8, 9, 11, 13 “Lord, do not deal with us as our sins deserve”
+Luke 6:36-38 (as you give and forgive, so shall you receive and be forgiven)

The more I look
and really see
the dark rebellions
in my heart
the easier it is
to overlook
another’s faults.

He’s just like me!

How honestly do I own up to evil in my own heart?
How do I want other people to respond to my faults? Is that how I respond to theirs?

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