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Wednesday, Third Week of Advent, St. John of the Cross

December 14, 2016


Blessed St. John of the Cross’ Day!


You can find his story here.

And blessed Ember Wednesday!

May God bless your prayers and sacrifices as we sanctify the season of winter
(more on the winter Ember Days can be found here).

Jesse Tree
Boaz, Ruth 4:1-11
Suggested symbol: sandal
The image of a sandal I’m using here can be downloaded in printable form here: 4jesse-tree-pictures

His heart was large
for all the world
to come
and rest
His kindness
a mantle
over humble, widowed Ruth.sandal
He would not rest
she had
a home
and hope
of progeny.

The child she bore
to him
would be attributed
to someone else*
but found
a father’s heart
in Boaz’ home.

When time was full
another man**
would give God’s spouse
a home,
would raise
the Son of God
as if He were
his own.

Give me a heart,
O Lord,
like his,
to spread
Your kindness
like a cloak,
a haven
for the tempest-tossed,
that I may shelter

*see Ruth 4:5
**St. Joseph
***see Matthew 25:40

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