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Saturday, Second Week of Advent

December 10, 2016


Blessed Saturday!

Jesse Tree
Passover, Exodus 12:21-28
Suggested symbol: lamb
The image I’m using here can be downloaded in printable form here: 3jesse-tree-pictures

moved down to Egypt,
with extended family,
where there was food,
and all was well
they worshipppassoverlambed
Egypt’s gods*.

Their souls enslaved,
their bodies
followed suit.
Four hundred
years of bondage
weighed them down.

And still
the promised passed
from Perez
to his son,
to Ram, Amminadab,
to Nashon,
while the people
for relief.

At last it came!

By God’s command
they sacrificed a lamb
(one of
the high Egyptian gods)
to cut their ties
with false religion,
winning them
their liberty.

The Savior
we await
the Lamb
of sacrifice
to set us free.

To what
have I become enslaved,
O God?
What do I need
to kill
so You
can set this captive free?

*see Ezekiel 20:5-8

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