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Friday, Second Week of Advent, St. Juan Diego

December 9, 2016


Blessed St. Juan Diego’s Day!


You can find his story here.

Jesse Tree
Perez, Genesis 38:27-30
Suggested symbol: twins, red thread on one hand
The image I’m using here can be downloaded in printable form here: 3jesse-tree-pictures

this story is not suitable for children.

When Judah’s first-born son
offended God
and died
he left a bride
without a child.

She had the right
to marry next-of-kin,
but was denied
a child again
by Onan’s sin.
He subsequently died.

She waited
for the last son
to come of age,
but Judah was afraid
that he would die
so he let
matters lie.

The widow,
finally seduced him
in disguise,
so eager
for descendants
as to wrest them
from his thigh,
for her services
his cord and seal
(the marks of his identity),
which saved her life
when she was found
with child.

She kept
the Savior’s line
from dying out.
She brought forth twins,
and one put out his hand,
was marked
with scarlet thread,
but then drew back;
his brother
was born first.
The eldest
“made a breach”
and so was named,

Dear Lord,
I am responsible
for others’ sin
when I neglect
Grant me the grace
to do
what I’m obliged to do
for You.

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