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Wednesday, Second Week of Advent, St. Ambrose

December 7, 2016


Blessed St. Ambrose’ Day!

You can find his story here

Jesse Tree
Jacob/Israel, Genesis 28:10-19
Suggested symbol: ladder
We glued pieces of toothpick together to make a ladder
A printable version of the picture I’m using can be downloaded here: 2jesse-tree-pictures



Rebekah’s twins
were opposites,
and Jacob
was the cultured one,
whom God had said
would carry on
the promise
of the Savior
still to come.

But when he obtained
the blessing
by deception,
he was forced to flee,
alone, afraid,
with nothing
but the clothes
upon his back
and staff
in hand.

He fell asleep
and dreamed,
a ladder
into the sky,
with angels,
and the Lord declared
that He would
with him
and bring him
safely home.

This ladder
was the Promised One,
was Jacob’s son,
(by centuries removed)
Who would bridge
the divide
from God to man*.

When I’m alone
Dear Lord,
remind me
of Your Ladder,
that You,
and Your angels,
have come down
to me.

*see John 3:51

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