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Tuesday, Second Week of Advent, St. Nicholas

December 6, 2016


Blessed St. Nicholas’ Day!

You can find his story here.

The St. Nicholas Center gives instructions for turning chocolate santas in St. Nicholas.

Several pages of additional ideas for celebrating the occasion can be found here.

Jesse Tree
Rebekah, Genesis 24:10-24
Suggested symbol: camel, water jar
A printable version of the picture I’m using can be downloaded here:2jesse-tree-pictures

Her beauty
was matched only
by her haste
in generosity
as she descended
time and time again
to draw up water
while ten camels
drank their fill.

She lost no time
in setting out
(atop one of those camels!)
for a foreign land
to give herself
in marriage
to the relative
God had
in mind
for her.
Like her,
a lovely maiden
rose in haste
and traveled far
to give herself
in service
to a relative
God pointed out
to her.*

May I
Your will,
O Lord,
with eagerness
in generosity.

*see Luke 1:36-56

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