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Friday, First Week of Advent

December 2, 2016


Blessed Friday!

Jesse Tree:
Terah, Genesis 11:31-32
Suggested symbol: tent
We folded a piece of paper to look like a tent
The pictures I’m using can be downloaded in a printable file here: 1jesse-tree-pictures

The years went by.
The promise passed from Shem
to Arpachshad,
to Shelah, Eber, Peleg,
Reu, Sergu, Nahor,
down to Terah,
living in
the land of Ur.

By then,
things had declined.
The clan
had started serving idols
like the pagans
among whom they lived*.

So Terah
moved away.

He took his family,
set out
to go to Canaan,
but settled in Haran,
just halfway there,
and there remained,
a voluntary exile
from the land
God had intended
him to have.
O Lord,
preserve me
from halfhearted measures
in my quest to follow You.
Please spur me on
when I’m inclined
to just give up
and settle
where I am.

*see Judith 5:6-9, Joshua 24:2

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