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Tuesday, First Week of Advent, Noah

November 29, 2016


Blessed Tuesday!

Jesse Tree:
Noah, Genesis 9:8-17
Suggested symbol: rainbow
Clicking this link will open a document with the pictures I’m using: 1jesse-tree-pictures

The woman’s seed
bred fratricide;
with Abel slain
by Cain,
God gave another son
to Eve
and Seth took up
the promised line
while evil reigned
and grew.

Amid the curse,
the promised passed
from father to his son,
through Enos, Cainan, Mahalale,
through Jared, and through Enoch
(who “walked with God, and he was not,
for God took him”*),

through Methuselah (the longest-living man),
to Lamech,
hence to Noah
(whose name translates,
“to rest”).

they had not escaped
Beguiled by
the daughters
of the evil line
they took of them
to wife
and evil reached
the breaking point.

All creation
was awash and drowning
in its wickedness.

Before the deluge
God intervened,
to save him
who alone
had not succumbed
to sin,
that he might build
the holy refuge
(a foreshadowing
of Jesus’ Cross
and Church)

that would arise
above the tempest
until it
had run its course.
The waters rose.
The ark bore up
the promise
and preserved it
from the flood.

(Baptismal waters
are the means
God uses now**.)

When everything was over
Noah sacrificed to God
Who made a covenant
with man
to never let things
come to such a pass

His splendid bow
now points at Him.
It can no longer
shoots its arrows
down to man.

Dear Lord, preserve me
when the tempest rises
in my soul.
May I hold fast
to You
and to Your Plan.

*Genesis 7:24
**I Peter 3:20-21

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