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Monday, First Week of Advent: Adam & Eve

November 28, 2016


Blessed Monday!

Jesse Tree

Adam & Eve, Gen 3:1-19
Suggested symbol: apple & snake
My prince made a red origami ball for an apple & I glued a piece of green string around it for a snake.
Clicking this link will open a document with the pictures I’m using: 1jesse-tree-pictures


A fallen angel
slithered in
and Adam,
charged to till and guard the garden,
let him pass,
to plant the weeds of doubt
within the virgin soul
of Eve, his bride.

She let trust die
within her heart,
believed the lie
that God was holding out
on her,
that she must turn
from Him
to seek a good
she lacked.

And Adam followed
when he should have led.

The guilt,
the shame,
the living death
drove both of them
to hide from God,
Who lovingly pursued them,
to apply the remedy
(painful though it had to be)
that would restore
the life
they’d cast away.

He made a promise
that the serpent
would be vanquished
by Eve’s seed.

In time, an angel
hailed a Virgin
whose receptivity to God
untied the knot
the virgin Eve had tied
when her trust died.

The New Eve
the serpent’s head.

God’s promise
was fulfilled.

Increase my trust
in You,
Dear Lord,
that I may crush
the serpent
who entices me
to turn away
from You.

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