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Friday, first week of Advent (St. John Damascene)

December 4, 2015


Blessed St. John Damascene’s Day!

You can find his story here.

Readings specific to St. John Damascene:
2 Timothy 1:13-14; 2: 1-3 (Guard this rich trust with the help of the Holy Spirit Who dwells within us)
Psalm 19:8-11 “The precepts of the Lord give joy to the heart”
+Matthew 25:14-30 (Since you were faithful in small matters, enter into your master’s joy)

The treasure of the Lord,
His Law enfleshed
I imitate
across the treacherous terrain
of daily life;

enfleshing in myself,
and handing on
this saving Law
for imitation,

that the treasure of the Lord
might multiply
in holy lives.

What am I doing with the treasure of Jesus’ teaching and example,
passed on to me and illuminated
through the Church and the lives of the saints?
Could others become more holy by imitating me?

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