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Monday, Second Week of Advent

December 10, 2012

Blessed Monday!

Entrance Antiphon:
Hear the word of the Lord, O nations;
declare it to the distant lands:
Behold, our Savior will come;
you need no longer fear.

May our prayer of petition
rise before you, we pray, O Lord,
that, with purity unblemished,
we, your servants, may come, as we desire,
to celebrate the great mystery
of the Incarnation of your Only Begotten Son.
Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

Isaiah 35:1-10 (God will make even the wilderness safe and beautiful for our journey to Him)
Psalm 85:9-14 “Our God will come to save us!”
+ Luke 5:17-26 (Jesus forgives & heals the paralytic who was lowered through the roof)

We have a journey to make,
a joyful walk on flowery paths
surrounded by abundance!
A journey to our home.

There’s just one catch…
we’re paralyzed
flat on a bed of pain,
held fast by sin
deprived of strength
afraid to try again.

That’s why God gave us friends!

If not on earth,
then up in Heaven
where glorious saints
lift up their hands
in supplication
for our aid
(see Maccabees 15:12-16–Jeremiah had died centuries before).

They bring us to our Lord
despite all obstacles,
down through the roof of Heaven
to His feet.

He clears our slate,
forgives our sins,
then bids us rise and walk.

That is the heart
of each of His commands–
arise and walk!

If you love Me
you will keep My commands
-John 14:15

He gives the power.

His commands are not burdensome
-I John 5:3

To use it is our joy!
…as we run Home.

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