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Thursday, fourth week of Lent

March 22, 2012


Blessed Thursday!

We invoke Your mercy in humble prayer, O Lord,
that You may cause us, Your servants,
corrected by penance and schooled by good works,
to persevere sincerely in Your commands
and come safely to the paschal festivities.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,
who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, forever and ever. Amen.
(Opening Prayer for today’s Mass)

Exodus 32:7-14 (Moses intercedes for the Israelites, who are worshiping the golden calf)
Psalm 106:19-23 “Remember us, O Lord, as You favor Your people”
+John 5:31-47 (prophesy points to Jesus as Messiah)

If our hope is not in God
we hope in vain.

They have soon turned aside from the way I pointed out to them,
making for themselves a molten calf and worshiping it,
sacrificing to it and crying out,
“This is your God, O Israel,
who brought you out of the land of Egypt!”
-Exodus 32:8

Their hope was dashed,
commandments smashed,
their lives hung by a thread
while Moses pled–
his faith in God
their only hope…
and that hope held.

So the Lord relented
in the punishment He had threatened to inflict upon His people.
-Exodus 32:14

In Jesus’ day the idols changed,
were idols just the same.
They placed their hope in John, the scriptures,
human praise and Moses–
all pointing to the God-Man in their midst.
They worshiped signs
and missed their God!
The signs accuse!

the one to accuse you is Moses
on whom you have set your hopes
-John 5:45

We cannot blame–
we do the same,
we worship power, pleasure,
independence, money, pets,
superstition, reputation,
almost anything that lets
us please ourselves.

We hope in vain.
God lets us fall
that we might land
in Him.

In what or whom have you placed your hope?
How do you know?
Have you gotten so caught up in the signs that point to God that you missed God Himself?

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