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Monday, Third week of Advent (Our Lady of Guadalupe)

December 12, 2011

Blessed Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Since you just read her story last week when we honored Juan Diego,
here are her words, taken from the original Aztec account,
kindly offered by the monks of Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey.

Do know this,
do be assured of it in your heart,
My Littlest One,
that I Myself,
I am the Entirely and Ever Virgin,
Saint Mary,
Mother of the True Divinity,
of God Himself.
Because of Him, Life goes on,
Creation goes on;
His are all things afar,
His are all things near at hand,
things above in the Heavens,
things here below on the Earth.
How truly I wish it,
how greatly I desire it,
that here they should erect Me My Temple!
Here would I show forth,
here would I lift up to view,
here would I make a gift of
all My Fondness for My Dear Ones,
all My Regard for My Needy Ones,
My Willingness to Aid them,
My Readiness to Protect them.
For truly I Myself,
I am your Compassionate Mother,
yours, for you yourself,
for everybody here in the Land,
for each and all together,
for all others too,
for all Folk of every kind,
who do but cherish Me,
who do but raise their voices to Me,
who do but seek Me,
who do but raise their trust to Me.
For here I shall listen to their groanings,
to their saddenings;
here shall I make well and heal up
their each and every kind of disappointment,
of exhausting pangs,
of bitter aching pain.
But in order to realize what I have in mind
in My Regard for My Needy Ones,
do you, please, go to the Palace of the Bishop of Mexico;
go and tell him
how it is I Myself who am commissioning you
that you should present to him how strongly I desire it
that here he should house Me,
that here, on the level ground, he should erect My Temple.
And give him a full account
of all you have seen and wondered at
and of whatever you have heard.
And do be assured of it in your heart
that I shall be full grateful and
that I shall repay.
For I shall enrich you and
make you prosperous
and you shall very much merit
that I compensate you
for the fatigue and the exertion
of your going to procure
what I am commissioning you to do.
And so you have heard, My Littlest One,
My Utterance, My Declaration;
do, please, betake yourself and
make every effort to carry it out.”
[When Juan Diego returned, asking her to send someone “more important” because the bishop didn’t believe him]:

Do listen to this
My Littlest One,
and let your heart be assured
that it is not to the Wealthy Ones among My Stewards,
My Commissioners,
that I am wont to leave it
that they should bear My Utterances,
My Declarations, or
that they should realize My Wishes.
Thus rather is it necessary
that it be you yourself who live this through,
who act as spokesman on this matter, and
that it be by your hand that it be realized,
that it be done,
this Will,
this Wish of Mine.

And so well may I beg of you,
My Littlest One, and
strongly do I bid you,
that once more, on the morrow, you go,
you go and visit the Bishop.
On My Behalf let him know,
let him listen well,
how it is My Will and
My Wish
that he realize,
that he make,
the Temple for which I am asking.
And indeed say to him once more how it is
I Myself,
the Ever Virgin
Saint Mary,
Mother of God,
Who am commissioning you.”
[Two days later, when Juan Diego was hurrying past the hill of apparition to get a priest for his dying uncle, hoping to avoid the Virgin–this picks up after she’d already asked where he was going]:

Do listen,
do be assured of it in your heart,
My Littlest One,
that nothing at all should alarm you,
should trouble you,
nor in any way disturb your countenance,
your heart.
And do not be afraid of this Pestilence,
nor of any other pestilence
or any rasping hardship.
For am I not here,
I, Your Mother?
Are you not in the Cool of My Shadow?
in the Breeziness of My Shade?
Is it not I
that am your Source of Contentment?
Are you not cradled in My Mantle?
cuddled in the Crossing of My Arms?
Is there anything else for you to need?
Nothing else, though, should trouble you,
should disquiet you.
And do not let it trouble you,
this Pestilence of your Uncle’s,
for he is not going to die of it now.
Do be assured of it in your heart
that he has already healed up.” [Juan Diego later found this to be true]

Our Lady of Guadalupe, compassionate mother, pray for us!

O God, Father of mercies,
who placed your people under the singular protection
of your Son’s most holy Mother,
grant that all who invoke the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe,
may seek with ever more lively faith
the progress of peoples in the ways of justice and of peace.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
(Opening Prayer from today’s Mass)

Since Our Lady of Guadalupe is Patroness of the Americas,
the readings today are specific for the feast for us:

Zechariah 2:14-17 (God is coming to dwell among us)
OR: Revelation 11:19, 12:1-6, 10 (the ark of the covenant: a woman clothed with the sun)
Judith 15:9, 13:18, 19 “You are the highest honor of our race”
+ Luke 1:26-38 (the Annunciation)
OR: + Luke 1:39-45 (the Visitation)

The Virgin is with Child

The black belt around the waist of Our Lady of Guadalupe proclaimed it
to the Aztec culture to which she came.

She stands before the sun, clothed in its rays,
the moon beneath her feet.
She is the woman of Revelation (Revelation 12:1-6).

She visits the hill country–with Child.
She is the Virgin of the Visitation (see Luke 1:39-45).

And her Child is the center of the universe,
as declared by the picture writing on the fabric over her womb.

Her Child is God,
God about to stir forth from His holy dwelling (see Zephaniah 2:17);
destined to rule the nations with an iron rod (see Revelation 12:5),
destined to crush the head of the ancient serpent
–and the head of the Aztec serpent-god
(symbolized by the black moon under her feet).

Foreshadowed by the victorious Judith (see the book of Judith),
she is the highest honor of our race,
wholly free of the ancient curse.

Unlike Judith,
this warrior maiden and her Son will not be victorious through bloodshed
–except their own.

She comes with motherly fondness, reassurance and protection,
seeking to nurture and heal her children (see Revelation 12:17),
relying wholly on God (see Luke 1:38, 45),
to Whom everything belongs.

We have no further misfortune to fear.
-Zephaniah 3:15

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