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Holy Saturday

April 7, 2007

Blessed Holy Saturday!

The veil of the temple has been torn in two.  We unveil the crucifix.
“Behold the Man” (John 19:5).

The grain of wheat has died.  “I solemnly assure you, unless a grain of
wheat falls to the earth and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat.
But if it dies, it produces much fruit.” (John 12:24)  We go forth
weeping, carrying the seed to be sown (see Psalm 126:5).  The Body of
Christ is buried in the earth, His soul buried in the depths of the
abode of the dead.

“This is how it is with the reign of God.  A man scatters seed on the
ground.  He goes to bed and gets up day after day.  Through it all the
seed sprouts and grows without his knowing how it happens.” (Mark
4:26-27).  We go to bed.  We get up.  We patiently await the precious
yield of the soil (see James 5:7).  Marvelous things happen underground,
especially at this time of year.  “They shall come back rejoicing,
carrying their sheaves” (Psalm 126:6).

Our Candidates for Baptism and reception into the full communion of the
Catholic Church go into retreat today to prepare their hearts for the
glory that is about to break over them in the rush of Baptismal waters
and the fire of God’s Love Personified (the Holy Spirit) Who is about to
descend on them in the Sacrament of Confirmation.

May we too open our hearts wide in today’s stillness for tonight’s
renewal of our own Baptismal vows, in which we passed from death to life
by our union with Jesus’ death and resurrection (Romans 6: 4, 8).

May God bless your expectant anticipation

Easter Vigil Readings:
Genesis 1:1-2:2 (Creation)
Psalm 104:1-24 “Lord, send out your Spirit,
and renew the face of the earth”
or Psalm 33:4-22 “The earth is full of the
goodness of the Lord”
Genesis 22:1-18 (Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac)
Psalm16:5-11 “Keep me safe O God; you are my hope”
Exodus 14:15-15:1 (the parting of the Red Sea)
Exodus 15:1-17 “Let us sing to the Lord;
He has covered himself in glory”
Isaiah 54:5-14 (God, our Bridegroom, will take us back, and love us)
Psalm 30:1-13 “I will praise you, Lord, for you have rescued me”
Isaiah 55:1-11 (God offers us food and water without cost
from His abundance)
Isaiah 12:2-3 “You will draw water joyfully
from the springs of salvation”
Baruch 3:9-15, 32-4:4 (we are in need because we have forsaken God,
the Source of everything)
Psalm 19:8-11 “Lord, you have the words of everlasting life”
Ezekiel 36:16-28 (God will forgive and renew us for His own sake)
Psalm 42:2-43:4 “Like a deer that long for running streams,
my soul longs for you, my God”
or Psalm 51:12-19 “Create a clean heart in me, O God”
Romans 6:3-11 (because we have been baptized into Jesus’ death,
death has no more power over us)
Psalm 118:1-23 “Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!”
+Matthew 28:1-10 (the two Marys meet an angel, then the risen Lord)

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