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Jesse Tree: Rebekah (Genesis 24:10-24)

December 10, 2002

Ten camels! She volunteered to draw water for ten camels! They’re heavy drinkers, those camels, and water jars grow heavy too, when you’ve dipped them in the well for the umpteenth time. She must’ve been strong…and very generous. She shows the generosity again when she agrees to go with this stranger right away, off to marry a man she’s never met. There’s courage for you! She was beautiful too. Like Sarah, a king who saw her later wanted her for his harem. But she had one fatal flaw. She played favorites, pushing forward her youngest son while holding the older back, masterminding deception and instigating a sibling rivalry that cost the family dearly. God has no such flaw. He is very generous, strong, beautiful, but He doesn’t play favorites, not even to defend the underdog. Rather, He says “no one who comes to Me will I ever reject.” –Jn 6:37 The Infant of Bethlehem welcomed both shepherds and kings. May we accept His invitation to grow in intimacy with Him.

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  1. October 7, 2015 4:19 pm

    it is good maybe you should put a picture on it

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